Get Alerted Upon pressing Caps or Num or Scroll Lock keys on your keyboard

There are users who press the caps lock key without knowing and keep on with their work without noticing that the caps lock key is pressed. The problem arises when you are typing something and without you noticing that all the text are written in upper case in place of lower case. It can be really irritating when you are in hurry or you need the document at the very moment. So, to make it ease from that kind such mistakes, you can set sound alerts upon pressing Caps, Nums, Scroll Lock keys on your computer. Here is the tutorial how you can set Sound Alerts when pressing Caps or Num or Scroll Lock keys on your keyboard.

turn on toggle keys to enable sound on pressing caps nums scroll lock keys windows7

Most of times when you accidentally type in lower case instead of upper case or vice versa. In some cases, we see all that we have typed wrong thing mistakenly after having completed the sentence. Now, you no longer have to be stressed out over a little thing by setting sound alerts on hitting Caps or Num or Scroll Lock keys on your keyboard.

Here is how you can set or turn on sound alerts or toggle keys on hitting Caps, Scroll and Num Lock Keys. So that on pressing them mistakenly a sound is played to alert us. So if your audio is ON, then it’s your confirmation.

Follow the steps below to turn on the toggle or turn on Beeps upon hitting a the above mentioned Lock Keys

  • Go to Start orb and in the search box in type Toggle and hit enter
  • From Search results that appears in the menu, select change how your keyboard works
  • Now, you will be having the following window open in the screen as shown in the screen shot given below

turn on toggle keys windows 7turn on toggle keys windows 7

  • From the window, click to turn on Toggle keys option
  • Lastly, click on Apply then OK.

Upon completing all the steps described, press the Num Lock  or caps lock key, you will hear a sound alert.
So, from now onwards, when you hit the Caps or Num or Scroll Lock keys on your keyboard, you will be alerted by a sound.


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