Windows 7 freezes and Restart on Installing IDM – How to fix it?

Does your Windows 7 computer freezes and even crash down upon installing IDM? This may be common issue for many users out there. Upon installing IDM the computer hangs or crashes down out of nowhere. The possible culprit behind this issue is described in this tutorial along with the fix.

windows freezes upon installing idm

For a Windows computer, IDM or Internet Download Manager is one of the best download managers and is very popularly used by many users. But, due to certain issues when you install IDM, the Windows computer encounters some kind of issues causing the system to be unstable.

Many users have complained about crashing and restart of Chrome browser upon installing IDM. If the Windows 7 explorer is crashed down, then here is the fix to resolve the issue.

Sometimes windows shell extension gets added up while installing and running Internet Download Manager leading to errors in the system. Go to Event viewer in Windows. Event Viewer is a tool embedded in Windows 7, which allows you to view detailed information about significant events on your computers. This will help you solve problems and errors affecting Windows and other programs.

To open Event Viewer, Click the Start button, and type event viewer in the search box or open Control Panel > Click on System and Security > Click Administrative Tools and double click on Event Viewer. Look for the file IDMShellExt.dll as this is the culprit behind the issues. The file name is added as shell extension in windows because of which the windows explorer crashes down.

Manually deletion of this file is not possible even after finding its location in windows. To delete this event you need to download the software named ShellExView that will allow you to unregister as shell extension and then you can delete this file.

If the issue prevails even after following the method described above, then the IDM may not be compatible with your system OS. Install IDM that is compatible with your system OS.

The instructions described above will resolve the issue of freezing, hanging and restart of Windows 7 explorer upon installing IDM and enhance error free download.


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