Windows OS cannot be installed from USB – How to fix it?

Upon installing Windows 7 from USB to the new hard drive the operation is interrupted. Often when we attempt to install Windows OS to the hard drive using an USB drive the operation doesn’t go smoothly. To help you fix this issue on your Windows 8 here are some fixes discussed in the article.

fix Windows OS cannot be installed USB

Windows OS cannot be installed when installed from the USB. It might be the USB or some partition issues or some other errors on the Hard drive disk. Here some possible troubleshooting steps to fix issues with Windows unable to install on the hard drive from USB.

Steps to Fix Windows OS unable to install on the hard drive

Firstly, verify that USB is not a faulty one. If you have your Windows installation CD try installing using it. If you are unable to do so, then the USB is the faulty one.

If the installation operation goes well but is interrupted after a half way then either the HDD is a faulty one or the partitions are causing such issues on the system.

Make sure the label on your Hard disk drive is the appropriate one to install Windows OS. Or you can make use of Easeus Partition Master and change the partition label from Logic to Primary and try installing the OS again.

If you have a fair knowledge on hard ware then pull out you HDD and connect it to other computer and run memory test to diagnose the health and performance of the system HDD. If the HDD comes out clean then try the next step, if faulty then replace it.

If the USB is not detected try using the installation CD.

Hope the steps described in the tutorial here helps you fix issues with Windows unable to install using USB in hard drive. If you have any other issues write to us.


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