Folders on Windows 7 Cannot be Deleted or Removal Prevented – How to Fix it ?

No matter how much you try to delete a folder on the system or desktop it simply doesn’t go. There can be several culprits causing this problem in removal of folder. If you are a novice then you must be really surprised by the abnormal behavior. In this tutorial we will be discussing some possible ways to delete the folder. Hope the fixes described in the tutorial help you fixing issues with folder folder unable to delete

Obsolete folders might unnecessary eat up space on Hard disk so it is better to delete. But when trying to delete or remove folders permanently from the system the folder simply doesn’t get deleted. This is surprising but it is a common issue with many people out there. Here we have up with some troubleshooting steps to delete the folder.

To delete the folders try Shift + Delete button to remove the folders permanently. If the folder doesn’t get deleted restart your system and try removing it using the same Shift + Del keys.

To remove Folders permanently from Windows you can try the Command prompt trick. Press Win+ R and type in cmd to open command prompt or using Win + X and select Command Prompt. In the elevated command prompt type in the following command

RD/ S/ Q/ “Full path of the folder in question

But before as a safety measure confirm the disk names or volumes. To do so, follow the steps below.

In the command prompt type in diskpart and hit Enter
Next type list volume and hit Enter. This will show all the disk volumes and disk names.
Now type exit to exit the diskpart.

Here is an example to show how you can delete folder which located on the desktop. For instance you have folder named tips on your desktop then type in the following command and hit enter to delete the folder.

RD /S /Q “C:\Users\UserName\Desktop\Tips”

That’s it. Once you hit the enter key and check the desktop you can see the respective or mentioned Folder deleted from Windows.

You can also make use of third party application called Unlocker 1.9.2. This not only removes folder in question but also help you get rid of errors like Error deleting file or folder, cannot delete folder: it’s being used by another person or program, etc.

Hope the fixes described in the tutorial above help you delete your Folder that was unable to delete.


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