Explore and Access Hidden Regional WallPapers & Themes in Windows 7

Do you know that there are hidden wallpapers and Themes on Windows 7? Many user out there may not be knowing that Windows 7 operating system have many unexplored things. One of them is the hidden regional wallpaper and themes that gets automatically installed according to the region selected by the user and these regional themes are kept hidden from the user or say they are unknown to the users. Follow the tutorial to activate and access the Regional themes.

activate access hidden regional themes windows 7

This tutorial allows you to explore and access the hidden regional themes and wallpapers. Follow the methods given below.

Access Hidden Folders through Globalization\MCT

As mentioned earlier that the wallpapers or themes are automatically installed according to the region selected by you and are kept hidden. Follow the steps to access those hidden themes.

  • Click to open Computer Explorer and click on Organize at the top left corner
  • On clicking a drop down menu appears, select Folder and Search Options from there
  • Now click on the View Tab and the select Show hidden files. By doing this it will list the hidden files in your PC
  • Next is to uncheck Hide Protected operating system files
  • Upon prompted to display the protected OS files, select Yes and click OK on Folder Options
  • To access the regional themes either enter %systemroot%\Globalization\MCT\ in the Windows Navigation bar or type C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT in the search box at the start menu
  • This will open the MCT folder where3 you can locate additional hidden themes for various regions like Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Great Britain

access hidden regional folders

  • To install the themes present there double click on the thumbnail. This will add those themes to your Personalization Window.

themes in personalization window

Now you can set the hidden themes and wallpapers and customize your Windows 7 computer with the themes and wallpapers present earlier in it.

Access Hidden Regional Themes Using Registry Script

Alternate way to access the hidden regional themes and wallpapers is by using registry script. Create a file named as allregional.reg and save it on desktop. Open a notepad and write the contents given below or simply copy them and paste it on the notepad.

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Wallpapers\KnownFolders\Windows Wallpapers\MergeFolders]

Now save the notepad file as allregional.reg on desktop. Double click on allregional.reg to add the above registry entry. Upon completion you can access all the Windows 7 Hidden & Locked Wallpapers and Themes with just a simple right click on desktop and personalize the settings.

Upon following the above steps you can explore and access all the hidden regional themes and wallpapers on Windows 7 and enjoy customizing your Windows 7 desktop.


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