Enable or Disable Bing Desktop at Windows Startup

For a change you can switch to Bing desktop. Windows 8 along its predecessors OS avails Bing Desktop. It can also be installed from the optional updates from Windows Update, or directly from Microsoft Bing – Bing desktop. It allows you to set an automatic update that will automatically change the Windows Desktop Background image to the Bing home page image every day. If you are not fond of Bing Desktop, here is the tutorial how you can turn On or Off Bing Desktop to Run at Windows Startup.

turn on off Bing Desktop Windows Startup

When you start your Windows, you get to the Bing desktop automatically. Manu users out there might not like this. Here is how you can Turn On or Off Bing Desktop to Run at Windows Startup.

Having Bing Desktop enabled you can see that your desktop wallpaper have a new wallpaper automatically. You can locate BingDesktop.exe file in the following locations

64-bit Windows:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\BingDesktop

32-bit Windows:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft\BingDesktop

Steps to Turn On /Off Bing Desktop from running at Windows Startup

  • First Open Bing Desktop, hit the Options gear icon
  • To Enable or Turn On Bing Desktop to Run at Windows Startup, follow the steps below
  • Under General tab, check the box besides Launch Bing Desktop when Windows starts
    Or else uncheck the option to turn Off Bing Desktop to Not Run at Windows Startup

Bing Desktop Startup windows

  • Next, close or minimize Bing Desktop.
  • Now reboot your system. On reboot you will no longer find the Bing desktop in Windows if you turn it off.

Putting so many programs at the start up can make Windows start up or boot slow down there by making the computer boot to delay. However you can remove the start up programs from system configuration settings. Upon following the tutorial here you can now enable or disable Bing from Windows desktop startup.


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