Customize Pinned Websites icons in Windows 7 taskbar

If you are an Internet Explorer 9 user, then might have often tried pinning the websites icons to your system taskbar. But you might have noticed that the icons doesn’t match out or doesn’t fit with the changing themes. If you are fond of customizing these pinned icons, then here is the tutorial how you can change the Pinned Website Icons in IE9.

change websites icons windows7 taskbar ie9

Follow the steps below to change the pinned website icons in the IE 9

The screen shot shown appears to be confusing and clumsy and similar.

Taskbar icons

However, you can change or remove the pinned icons from the taskbar as per your choice to avoid any confusion and clumsiness.

Change the pinned website icons in the IE 9

  • Select the icon in the task bar which you want to change and right click on it
  • Next, click on the Properties from the context menu

icon properties

  • You can see the Properties window on the screen. Next, switch to Website tab and choose Change Icon as shown in the screen shot below

change icons win7

  • You will be presented with the windows with different icons, from here you can now choose the icon you wish to and even browse for more icons if you don’t like them. You can choose from the System 32 folder as shown below,
  • Once you have chosen the icon from the above list of icons, click on the Ok button to save your selected icon setting
  • You can also use other icons along with the system icons or any icons of your choice if you have any

Now you can have look on your system taskbar, it looks cleaner with the icons selected by you.

Upon following the steps described above you can select icons of your own and customized the taskbar icons on your Windows 7. If you are quite fond of customizing then this tutorial will be helpful to you.


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