Create System Restore Point Manually on Windows

System Restore point is the point on the OS or system where the system worked perfectly fine and that point can be really valuable when you encounter any serious issue with the system. System Restore point can be created automatically by the OS or manually by users. Here is the tutorial how you can create restore point manually on Windows system.

create System Restore windows

System restore point gets you back to the state where the system worked perfectly fine without much issues. This helps you fix bugs encountered on the system. Before making any changes on the system make sure that you have set a restore point and is recommended. So, that you can get back to the state where everything worked just fine or say to a state before the changes were done to get an error free system. This at times acts as a great saver to your PC life as it troubleshoots many issues on the system.

Moreover, System Restore doesn’t make any changes in the data and important files on the system. So, all the data on the system can be ensured to be safe after system restore.

Create System Restore point manually in Windows

  • Open System restore wizard either searching for it on the search or in all programs list
  • When the System restore window opens, you can see a list of system restore points
  • Next, to create new system restore point, click on System Protection. This will open System properties window

system restore wizard

  • Now go to properties tab and click on System Restore button.
  • Assign a name to the going to be created new Restore point and hit the Create button.

A status window appears informing you about the successful completion of the Restore point creation.

To check the details for the newly created System restore point, again open system restore and hit the Next button and you can see the details like Date, time and other description of new system restore point on the system.

That’s all. You have now successfully created a System restore Point. You can take help of the system restore point to retrieve to this state of PC if anything goes wrong in future.


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