Configure Mouse Scroll Wheel on Windows 7 & Vista

Mouse is an important component on a computer system as this is essential for navigating on the Windows screen or go to different locations and selecting them, etc. It serves as multipurpose device. Well many Windows users out there even for a once might have wished to change the mouse scroll settings. Here is the tutorial how you can change the mouse scroll settings on your Windows 7 system be it PC or laptop.configure mouse scroll wheel windows 7 vista

By default mouse or the mouse scroll operates as per the predefined settings. There are users who dislike going with advance settings. If you are among those who like using the mouse scroll wheel, then here is how you can change the mouse wheel settings on your Windows 7 & Vista OS.

Configure Mouse wheel settings on your Windows 7 & Vista OS.

Follow the steps given below in order to configure mouse wheel setting on any Windows 7 PC or laptop.

  • Click on the Windows Start orb and then type mouse in the search box at the bottom the start menu
  • When you see the Mouse option, click on it

search mouse windows 7

  • Upon clicking you can see the Mouse Properties tab pop up
  • Now, navigate to Wheel tab under the properties window
  • Under the wheel tab you can find the configuration controls to vertical and horizontal scrolling settings

mouse settings windows7 wheel tab

  • Now, you can set the control on with one notch how many lines to move at a time. Whereas under horizontal scrolling resides the option of tilt the wheel to scroll a number of characters at a time.

You can try setting the mouse controls assigning different numbers and see which arrangement suits you and finally set it.

Once done with the settings, you can try moving the mouse scroll wheel and see if you are satisfied with the configuration or not. You can follow the same steps to change the configuration too.

Upon following the steps described above in this tutorial you can easily change the mouse scroll wheel settings on your Windows 7 & Vista.

change the mouse wheel settings


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