How to Change Process Priority on Windows 7?

Does your system take more time on programs or process, which is not much essential and put on hold to your computer? Here is some of the valuable tips that you can go for if your system gives priorities to less essential process rather than the essential one. Upon changing the process priorities you can not only save CPU time, but also enhances the computer performance. Follow the tutorial to know how to change the process priorities.

change windows7 process priority

The system gives priorities to less valuable process due to default settings of Microsoft windows operating system. The system priorities can be changed by modifying some of the settings under Task Manager. Follow the steps below to change the process priorities.

  • Right-click on an empty area of the Windows 7 Taskbar and Select Start Task Manager or you can directly open the task manager, just press Ctrl + Shift + Esc
  • Select the Applications tab from the task manager
  • If the process you need to change is linked to an application, right-click it and choose Go to Process from the pop-up menu that appears or else click the Processes tab to find a process you need to change
  • Right-click the process whose priority is to changed and then select Set Priority. If you unable to find the process that needs its priority changed, click the Show processes from all users button. To do so you need to log into the computer as administrator.
  • Now from the list that appears, you can select from the possible priorities¬† i.e. highest to lowest

Change Process Priority in Task Manager Windows 7

  • Select the priority you want to have for a process and click the Change priority button when prompted.

changing process priority win 7

Upon completion of the above steps can see that the the essential programs with highest priority. This will also enhance the computer performance by minimizing the CPU usage.


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