Adding Sidebar Gadgets to Windows 7 Desktop

Today we came across a user who is new to Windows 7 complaining that making some changes on the system have hidden the Gadgets on the sidebar. The sidebar gadgets were introduced in Windows 7 and Vista. It includes Gadgets like calendar or News feeds, clock, picture slides, etc. But due to some changes on the system fade out the sidebar gadgets. In this article we will discuss how to add Sidebar gadgets on Windows 7 & Vista.sidebar gadget add windows7

With weather gadget you can stay updated with the weather or say you have the news feed that keeps you updated with the news all around. You customize and gain information at the same time by adding the gadgets to the desktop. There are several gadgets available, add them according to your preference.

If you new to Windows and unable to find the sidebar gadgets on your system, here is how you can get back all your Sidebar gadgets on the system desktop.

Add Sidebar Gadgets to Windows 7 desktop

As already mentioned above, Sidebar gadgets were introduced in Windows Vista/7 and can be accessed from the desktop or say keep you updated right from the desktop. Follow the steps described below to add gadgets to your Windows 7 desktop.

In Windows Vista, go to Start orb > All Programs > Accessories > Windows Sidebar OR in Windows 7, right click on desktop and select gadgets from the context menu

windows sidebar

You can now see gadgets panel, here to add any gadget, double click on gadget or the + sign at the top of the gadgets. This will immediately bring gadgets on your desktop.

If you wish to add different gadgets apart from the ones available on the panel, you can choose from online gadgets

In the gadgets panel, click on Get Gadgets Online

This will open Microsoft gallery

From the list of gadgets that opens, click on download button below the gadgets to start downloading

Run it when the download is complete and Install it

Once the installation process is complete, you can see that gadget on the desktop.

Don’t make your desktop appear clumsy. To remove gadgets from Windows 7 sidebars, simply click on the gadgets and click on exit.

To keep the gadgets like weather updated, you need to have Internet connection.

Upon following the tutorial here you can now easily add or get back the sidebar gadgets on your Windows 7 and Vista.


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