Access Folder from Windows 7 Taskbar with an added Custom Toolbar

Do you access a particular folder regularly? This can be quite irritating if you have to access a particular folder every time you need to save a file that is located deep in the system drives. If a folder is accessed few times then it is easier to look for them, but it becomes really irritating when you access a particular folder or file regularly by passing through several other folders in the drives. This is not only irritating but also time consuming process. Here is the tutorial how you can access the folder easily from the desktop screen itself.add toolbar folder windows 7 taskbar
Windows 7 has been a user friendly OS, so if you are irritated and tired over looking for the same folder every time you want to save a file while studying or working, then here is an easy way to access a particular folder from the desktop itself that is by creating a custom toolbar or add the folder in the windows taskbar itself. Now, whenever you want to access the folder, simply click on the toolbar in the taskbar and you are with the folder.

Create a Custom Toolbar or Add Folder to Windows 7 Taskbar

Follow the steps below to add the most accessed folder to your Windows taskbar.

  • At first, get to the windows screen and right click on blank part of the Windows Taskbar
  • Next, select Toolbars option from the taskbar menu that appears

toolbar new toolbar taskbar

  • Now, click on New Toolbar and locate & open your folder you want to turn into a custom toolbar or add to the taskbar. You can use the navigation pane to open the folders that rooted deep in the drive

select folder to be added

  • Click the OK button to close the New Toolbar dialog box.

You will now notice that the folder is added to the taskbar. The newly created toolbar appears on the taskbar represented by the folder’s name followed by double arrows. When you click the arrows, Windows 7 displays a pop-up menu showing all the subfolders and documents contained in that folder.

folder added to taskbar

Now, you can access the added or custom folder right with a single click and can carry out with your work and easily access to all the files in the folder.

Further more you don’t need to waste time in looking for the folder or the files saved in the folder deep into the drives as they can now be easily accessed with a single click from the Windows taskbar itself on your Windows 7 system. The removal procedure is as easy and simple as that of creating the custom toolbar.


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