Remove Unnecessary Programs win 7

Remove Unnecessary Programs from Windows 7

Nowadays many software or Apps or Programs are available on the Internet, which attracts many users. But installing a lot of programs on your computer unnecessary consumes a lot of space on your hard disc....
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System Update Readiness Tool (CheckSUR) repair Windows Update

Use System Update Readiness Tool (CheckSUR) to repair Windows Update

Windows sends update to upgrade your system from time to time to prevent error in the system. Windows resources, such as file data, registry data, or memory data, can develop contradiction during the lifetime...
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share Internet Connection share Internet Connection

Sharing Wireless Internet Connection without a Router in Windows 7

Many users out there must be having more than one computer and internet connected devices such as laptop, mobile phones or game consoles, have a wireless network at home. But what if you don’t have any...
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Enable Disable CPU Core Parking

Windows 7: Enable/ Disable CPU Core Parking

Windows 7 includes a new feature named Core Parking. This allows you to select a set of processors that would sit idle and not run any threads based on the current power policy and their recent utilization....
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Disable Autorun in Windows 7

Secure PC with Disabled Autorun feature on Windows 7

You might have noticed that when you connect an external device like USB pen drives, etc. you see the auto play or autorun feature that allows you to open the files and folders. But, Autorun feature can...
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add Windows 8 Charms Bar Windows XP Vista 7

Add Windows 8 Charms Bar in Windows XP, Vista and 7 with Charms

Many new features are accompanied with the new Windows 8 OS that have attracted many users. The start screen, charms bar and many more features have added interesting features in Windows 8. If you are...
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Reset TCP IP using NetShell utility in Windows 7

How to Reset TCP/IP using NetShell utility in Windows 7?

Are you unable to connect to Internet or say you are connected on Internet, but you are still unable to visit a site or URL and get a message prompt “The page cannot be displayed”? For Windows to connect...
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Add Desktop icon on Windows 7 Taskbar

How to Add Desktop icon on Windows 7 Taskbar?

Desktop icon from the Windows 7 is been missing from the taskbar. There are many users who still miss the desktop icon on Windows 7 can get back the icon. Windows 7 Aero transparency allows you to have...
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Block Apps from accessing Internet

Use Firewall App Blocker to Block Apps from accessing Internet

Windows Firewall is an interesting feature of Windows, which helps you to block functionality of any program and also prevents from connecting to the internet and secures your system. Firewall not only...
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Add-Separator-Windows 7 Jump List

Steps to Add a Separator in Windows 7 Jump List

If you are a Windows 7 user then you must be well aware of the jump list feature. This feature allows you to access directly or jump right to the documents, images, music or websites. Moreover the jump...
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