Theme Switcher change Theme Windows 8

Theme Switcher allows user change Theme using Command Prompt in Windows 8

Many developers have come out with much software with the launch of the new Windows 8 OS in order to customize or ease users or add up many features Windows 8. Today we will be discussing about how you...
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7+ Taskbar Numberer to open Apps pinned to Taskbar with that number

7+ Taskbar Numberer to open Apps pinned to Taskbar with that number

Earlier I have discussed about a utility ModernMix in one of my posts. ModernMix utility tool makes Windows 8 interface more user-friendly. Here in this tutorial we will be discussing about another utility...
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edit images windows PC Image Editor

Free & Easy to use Windows Image Editor – PC Image Editor

Are you a kind of person who is fond of editing Images? Then here is a small but yet very useful tool that can effectively edit your images. PC Image Editor is what we are talking about. Be it a novice...
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WordWeb free Dictionary thesaurus windows

WordWeb: A free Dictionary & Thesaurus Software for Windows

There was a time where you need to spend time running your finger down the page in the dictionary, to find a meaning of a word. But, with the advancement of technologies you can search or look for the...
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driver detective

Driver Detective App to fix Drivers Compatibility Issues in Windows 8

If you have upgraded from Windows 7 to the new Windows 8 OS, then you might have faced problem regarding Drivers Compatibility Issues. Microsoft claims that Windows 7 drivers are well acquired by Windows...
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LastActivityView track

Use LastActivityView to Track Users activity on Windows Computer

Do you want to track your activity on your Windows system? Many users out there might have ever wanted to have track upon all the actions that are been carried out on the system. You can use software named...
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Windows Shadow copies ShadowExplorer

Access Windows Shadow Copies using ShadowExplorer to Restore old Files

Some users out there must be aware of the feature called Shadow Copy or Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS. This feature is a pre-included service in Microsoft Windows that provides or enables you to have...
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Empty Recycle Bins

Empty Recycle Bins of all Users Account in one Time

Many Windows users out there might have multiple users and being an administrator of the system, at times you may want to empty the Recycle Bin of all the Users at the same time without actually log in...
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Hide Password Protect Window System Tray

Hide & Password Protect any Window in the System Tray with WinLock

If you have multiple users for your system, then security and privacy comes prior to anything else. Windows allows you to password protect the system but what if some other user wants to access the system...
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edit replace sweat

Take your text edit skills to the next level with SWEAT

We often are provided with work that requires Editing and formatting of large amounts of text. This not only consumes time but also a hassle. One has to look for word or replacing words with uniform spacing....
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