Block or Open a port in Windows 8 Firewall

How to Block or Open a port in Windows 8 Firewall?

Windows Firewall provides protection to your system from external malware threats that are trolling in Internet. Windows allows its user to configure Windows 8 Firewall settings as per there need i.e....
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Write Protect usb

Secure USB by Write Protecting the Drive

You might have noticed that when you connect your pen drive to your computer after connecting it to unknown computer, there are number of malicious items running on your system. This can threat your system...
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Prevent Installation Unauthorized Software

Prevent Installation of Unauthorized Software on your PC

Many users out there may not be aware when there system has been infected by malware. There are many unauthorized software trolling over Internet that gets installed in the system without your knowledge....
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microsoft end user license agreement

Search End User License Terms for any Software

Have you ever tried to find End User License Terms for any Microsoft products? Many users out there must have ignored the End user License Terms that appears during the installation of any new software....
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url scanners chrome

Add-ons to Scan URL for Secure Browsing on Google Chrome

Nowadays many malicious sites are trolling on the Internet that enter your computer with a click and risk your computer as well as your data. You may not be aware regarding which sites are malicious and...
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NTLDR is missing error windows

NTLDR is missing – How to fix the Error?

Do you get “NTLDR is missing” error? This error occurs, when computer attempts to boot from a hard drive or any media that are not configured properly or due to some corrupt hard drive sectors; corrupt...
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Block Autorun.INF manually

Block Autorun.INF Manually

You will never be aware when your computer becomes a house for malware and viruses. Recently, it has been figured out that the current viruses comes with .exe or .bat extension hidden files. These viruses...
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Lock Unlock PC using Pen Drive

Lock/ Unlock your PC using Pen Drive for Better Privacy

Are you concerned about your PC privacy a lot? Many users out there must really be concerned about the data privacy on the PC and use different PC lock software to secure the data. But, do you know that...
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Retrieve wi-fi password

Steps to Retrieve your Wi-Fi Password

It may so happen that while you are connected to Wi-Fi or have formatted your system and you are not able to connect to Wi-Fi as you have lost it or don’t remember. Password is also needed when you connect...
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Lock Folder without using software

Lock Folder without using any Software

Are you insecure regarding the important and valuable data saved on your computer and want to protect them or you want to maintain your privacy by securing data on your computer? Data that are valuable...
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