Delete temporary files temp folder Windows Disk Cleanup Tool

Delete All temporary files from Temp folder with in-built Windows Disk Cleanup Tool

Disk Cleanup is necessary to clean unwanted junk and temporary files that eat up much space in the system hard disk ultimately causing the computer to slow down. Many computer issues arise due to scarcity...
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minimize windows apps automatically

How to Minimize Running Windows or Apps Automatically on PC?

Do you have the habit of running different applications at time and get visually distracted upon what to view? Many of them out there have the habit of running apps on PC as you will be needing them at...
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Restore Lost Administrative Password

Restoring Lost Administrative Password

Did you ever happen to lose your Administrator password to login your Windows? Here are some easy ways to recover your Admin password. When you lose your password, you are debarred from accessing your...
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Play YouTube Playlist in VLC player

How to Play YouTube Playlist in VLC player?

Many users out there must be using and quite familiar with VLC media player. It is not wrong if I say that it is quite favorite program for windows users as this allows you to play media files in any format...
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delayed write failed error

Windows Delayed Write Failed – How to fix the error?

Have you ever encountered error- Windows Delayed Write Failed? Not many users face this error. This error doesn’t occur due to aging if the hard drive. This error only occurs when you are transferring...
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IE 10 Credentials Manager

IE 10 Credentials Manager fails to save credentials

Does IE 10 browser does not save credentials for any website? Many users out there must have faced this situation upon saving credentials for a website and the other day you open the site and you find...
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folder lock notepad

Create Folder Lock using Notepad

All of us very concerned regarding the data secrecy and privacy. Many users use different kinds of apps or software to lock the folder to prevent unauthorized access or data theft. Here in this tutorial...
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Shutdown Startup

Fix PC Automatic Shutdown at Startup

Does your computer shutdown as soon as it boot up? There are various reasons or culprits behind automatic shutdown, but have you ever though out of box that it can be caused by applying certain tricks...
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show hidden devices windows

View Hidden Devices from Windows 7 Device Manager

As described in the previous post, Device Manager is used to find and install missing drivers on your Windows computer. Most users out there may not know that it can also display hidden devices. At times...
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configure mouse scroll wheel windows 7 vista

Configure Mouse Scroll Wheel on Windows 7 & Vista

Mouse is an important component on a computer system as this is essential for navigating on the Windows screen or go to different locations and selecting them, etc. It serves as multipurpose device. Well...
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