Renaming Network connection using Windows registry

Renaming Network connection using Windows registry

Earlier we have discussed about how to rename Network Connection in Windows 8 using local group policy editor. Today we will be discussing about how we can change the rename using Registry Editor. As discussed...
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fix the wireless issue windows 8

Wireless Connection Failure in Windows 8 – How to fix it?

Is the wireless on your Windows 8 PC not functioning? Here is the tutorial how to fix the wireless issue on your system. When you turn on the Wireless button on your computer you find that you are unable...
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http redirect 301 error

How to fix error 301 on your computer?

Did you encounter an error 301 while browsing any web address? Many of you out there may have encountered the HTTP error 301 message prompting Permanent Redirect or something similar to that. Generally...
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No internet connection

How to fix Local Area Connection problem?

Are you unable to connect to local area connection on your computer and displays error like no connection or limited connection? The Network problems are unfortunately very common, especially in earlier...
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access remote desktop

How to Access Remote Desktop over Internet?

Accessing computer over the Internet remotely is a process by which one computer can connect with another computer and access files and information on the other desktop that is not in your location or...
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ERROR 678 & 769

How to Diagnose the Error 678 or Error 769 while trying to connect Internet?

While connecting to Internet Error 678 and Error 796 often appears on the screen.This error are generated when a remote system does not respond correctly upon connecting to the Internet. The Error 678...
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detect wired internet connection

Computer will not recognize Wired Internet connection – How to fix it?

Are you not able to connect to internet via wired connection? You are not the only one facing this problem. Sometimes, computer cannot recognize the wired connection either due to network traffic or due...
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share internet

Share Internet Connection between Two Computers using Wired or Wireless Connection

How to Share Internet Connection between Two Computers using Wired and Wireless Connection? Here are some steps discussed in order to connect two Computers on a same network whether its wired or wireless...
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cannot detect wireless router

Unable to Connect or find Wireless Router – How to fix it?

Do you find difficulties in connecting to wireless router or unable to connect to router, due to which you are unable to access internet. But, when the system is connected to a cable, you are able to access...
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need of firewall

Why a Firewall is needed on PC?

A firewall is helpful in keeping a network secure and also controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic by analysing the data packets and determining whether it should be allowed through the network...
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