Reset Firefox to remove Adware or Useless Toolbars

How to Reset Firefox to remove Adware or Useless Toolbars?

Many Firefox uses out there must have come across the situation where you find that some useless toolbars are been added to the browser. This toolbar hijacks the search engine and homepage of browser....
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remove Win32 CoinMiner Virus

How to Erradicate Win32/CoinMiner Hacking Tool from Windows?

Win32/CoinMiner Hacking Virus is malicious tool used by the hacker to gain unauthorized access over a computer. This virus is generally marked as Trojan by the Anti-virus installed in your computer. The...
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remove total recipe search virus

Redirected to – How to get Rid of it?

Are you directed to Redirected to a useless site is really an annoying factor. Many online players of MMORPG game World of warcraft have discovered that they have been directed...
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Malicious file detection

How to Find Whether a File on Internet is Malicious or not?

Nowadays, malware are prowling over Internet. It’s very difficult to determine whether the file or any software program that you have downloaded or going to download is safe or malicious one. Many...
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virus infected computer

How to fix Malware or Trojan Infected Computer?

Is your computer running slow than before? This may be because your computer is infected by Malware or virus like Trojans, etc. The Malware in your PC can damage the files stored in the system and also...
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