Fix Cursor Jump typing

How to Fix: Cursor Jumps while typing

Many Laptop users might have come across this annoying situation where the mouse cursor automatically jumps to a different location and if we busy with typing without noticing then we might end up with...
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fix touchpad

How to fix Synaptics TouchPad Cursor problem?

The synaptics touchpad on your laptop is not functioning properly or the cursor jumps by its own all over the screen, etc. all these issues can be categorised under Synaptics Touchpad Cursor problem. There...
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Drink spilled on keyboard

How to clean liquid spills on laptop keyboard?

Laptops or ultrabooks are one of the necessary items for every youth. Many new and advanced technologies are growing up day by day bringing up many latest gadgets. Have you ever wondered what would happen...
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fix flickering laptop screen

Screen Flickering Continuously on my Laptop – How to fix it?

Does your laptop screen flickers continuously or every now and then?  Nowadays, Laptops and notebooks are in great demand. New technologies are involved in making the laptops more and more compact. But,...
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laptop battery fails to charge

Laptop Battery Fails to Charge – How to fix it?

Does your Laptop battery fails to charge upon connecting to AC adapter? Here are some tips which can help you fix the issue. Laptop batteries are used to power laptop computers when not connected over...
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sound device not detected laptop

Sound Devices not Detected on Laptop – How to Fix it?

Does your laptop fail to detect the audio devices? The sound or the audio card installed on the laptop is connected directly to the motherboard. Laptop without audio is extremely boring as you cannot experience...
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trace stolen laptop

Tips to Track a Lost or Stolen Laptop

Nowadays Laptops and ultrabooks are much in demand and a must have device for all. Laptops are not only portable, but also makes your daily life easier starting from doing homework to banking purpose....
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change wireless to wired connection

Laptop Connect to Wireless Network over Wired Network – How to Change it?

Does your laptop connect to wireless network over wired network? The reason behind why the laptop prefers wireless connection over wired connection is because of the default setting used by Microsoft....
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recover dead laptop

How to Recover Data from the Hard Drive of a Dead Laptop?

If your PC or laptop crashes down due to some software or hardware failure and leaves you behind with a dead system in that case the first thing that comes to your mind is that you will lose the access...
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bluetooth not working

Bluetooth not Functioning on Dell Inspiron 14R Laptop – How to fix it?

Is the Bluetooth device not working on your Dell Inspiron laptop? The possible cause to fix the issue is described in this tutorial. Bluetooth is an open wireless technology which helps in connecting devices...
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