add remove devices windows 8

Windows 8: Add/Remove Devices from Device panel

The variations brought out in Windows 8 have improved its performance. Now, addition or removal of devices from your Windows 8 is now better than the earlier versions of OS. Windows 8 includes Devices...
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hard disk drive not responding

Hard Drive not Responding to Commands – How to fix it?

Does your computer fail to respond to any of the commands? The hard drive failing to respond can cause these errors. You keep on trying various commands but still your system fails to respond, then it...
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RAM Memory 300

RAM not Running at 200MHz – How to Fix it?

Is the RAM on your computer running at frequency lesser than of the preferred frequency? Many of times RAM fails to run at frequency less than that of the desired frequency. For instance, 200 MHz RAM running...
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Audiodg.exe causing high cpu usage

FIX: Audiodg.exe Causing High CPU Usage Error

Does your computer slow down upon playing music? When you start a program PlaySound to play the music on your computer, you finally notice that your PC slows down. This occurs due to the memory leak in...
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format hard disk drive windows xp

Quick Steps to Format a Hard Disk Drive on Windows XP

The most believed user-friendly operating system is Windows XP. It is widely used by people at work as well as for the users at home. Windows XP has many applications and features that make work much simpler...
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faulty power supply psu

What are the Symptoms of a Faulty Power Supply Unit (PSU)?

The Power Supply Unit (PSU) is one of the important units on a computer that is responsible for the functioning of computer. The PSU is connected to computer motherboard and provides the necessary electric...
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test motherboard

Steps to Test for a Faulty Computer Motherboard

Motherboard is an essential unit of computer. Every hardware unit on a computer depends upon the motherboard. Most of the problems related to hardware or software is resulted from Motherboard. It is the...
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recover corrupted hard drive

How to Recover a Corrupted Hard Drive?

Is the Hard Drive on your PC Corrupted and want to recover the data stored in the disc? Here are instructions that you must follow to recover a corrupted hard drive. Hard disk drive may crash or get corrupted...
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ensure SSD health

How to Ensure TRIM and Health Status of SSD

A solid-state drive or SSD is a data storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently. SSD are all the rage nowadays, their popularity grows as their cost decreases...
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PC Running Slow

PC Performs Slower even with 3 GB of RAM – How to fix it?

Every personal computer has a certain amount of Random Access Memory (RAM), which is essentially the short-term memory of the computer. It is a form of high-speed temporary storage that a computer uses...
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