What is Telephone Conference Service?

The term ‘Telephone conference service’ can be broken down into relatively simpler terms. Conference basically means a meeting of people where they ‘confer’ about a particular topic of interest.  So telephone conference would mean a discussion between more than two people at the same time. But in pure technical terms telephone is a duplex communication system which means that it is a system of two connected parties that can communicate with each other in both the directions. So conference doesn’t feature anywhere in the technical definition of a telephone. That is where ‘telephone conference service’ steps in.

telephone conference serviceTelephone conference service is a unique feature of the new age telephone service providers where a caller can make calls to many parties simultaneously.  There are several ways of availing the ‘Telephone conference service. One way is where a special equipment called the ‘conference bridge’ is used that takes care of the communication links between the parties. All the calling party has to do is dial into a special phone number provided by the telephone service provider to connect to the conference bridge. After dialing the special phone number, the calling party has to dial the other parties’ numbers it wants to establish a connection with. The phone numbers of the parties dialed by the calling party are used as link numbers which helps the conference bridge to establish communication channel bridge between these link numbers. In other words, the bridge links the telephone lines of the parties’ in conference. These channel links share a common voice source. So a voice input by a party is directed to the other parties or channels in the conference link which enables every party within the link to hear and participate in the conference.

Telephone service providers also provide a facility where the user calls other participants and adds them to the ongoing call. There is another facility for home and office phone lines called three way calling. It was initially popular with the business class but eventually was used for recreational purpose by users around the world to connect with family, friends etc

Before the onset of Skype, Wi-Fi devices, Blackberry etc, it was ‘telephone conference service’ that was dominant in the business scenario.  Every business needs to be on its toes in order to succeed in the cut throat competition that exists in today’s world. Communication between employees and potential or existing clients is a crucial aspect for the business to flourish. So telephone conference service and web conference service have proved to be vital tools in building the roads of communication between employees, clients and customers across the globe. When it comes to web conferencing, an optimum Internet speed is required at all ends, variety of equipments are needed and there are still places in the world where Internet is not that widely used so good old telephone conference service is always in handy and hence it is a hit amongst people alike.

In the business arena, one of the main advantages of telephone conference service is that the participants can attend a meeting from any location in the world without being physically present at the location where the meeting is being held. So the travel expenses are kept in check. It makes the concept of flexibility come into the picture because unscheduled meetings can also be conducted in a hassle free manner. Telephone conference service also helps the head office communicate with the branch offices and clients at all times thus it helps maintain transparency.

Generally speaking, telephone conference service provides a good sound quality minus delays and echoes, provided one uses a reputed telephone service provider. It is reliable because calls are routed through proper state-of-the-art systems hence problems like dropped calls, busy signals and other issues are easily avoided. Telephone conference service is convenient because anyone can join the conference call at any point of time in the conversation. All you simply need is a mere cell phone.

Telephone conference service definitely paints a rosy picture but it has its fair share of drawbacks as well. If the equipments and wires are not properly maintained, it can cause disruptions. Sometimes a lack of face-to-face communication doesn’t satisfy the clients and brainstorming sessions become difficult without face-to-face interactions.

With its minor glitches, telephone conference service is here to stay for a pretty long time.


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