What is Operator Assisted Conference Calling?

In today’s fast moving world, there is huge competition in every field. In the field of business, this competition is pretty intense so they are always looking for new state-of-the-art technology that would benefit their enterprise. One such technology provided by telephone service providers helped the business class in a major way – Conference calling. With the help of conference calling, impromptu meetings could be attended by clients, employees and customers alike in spite of not being at the same place at the same time. It saved a lot of time, energy and money in the whole process. In conference calling, a user can communicate with multiple parties simultaneously. So it helped bridge communication barriers in the world of business.

operator assisted conference calling

There are different types of conference callings available worldwide and one of them is operator assisted conference calling. Here the caller takes the initiative of holding a telephone conference, where an operator is present to act like a moderator and guide through the entire calling process. First the telephone service provider schedules the conference call. After that, the caller has to invite the parties who will attend the conference. The operator is also provided by the telephone service provider. The operator hosts the call, greets the person who comes on line and moderates the call. The operator can be briefed by the caller as to how the proceedings of the conference call should occur, who gets to speak first etc.

A key feature of operator assisted conference call is streaming, there is also a question answer session and sub conferencing where participants can privately have a conversation within the call. Operator assisted conference call has been used for invest relation calls, upper level management meetings, political meetings etc.  The drawbacks of operator assisted conference call are its high rate of cost and the need to reserve a line beforehand.

A caller might have several requirements , one of them being conference call reservation for a particular business or corporation so that whenever a caller wants, a conference call can be set up immediately with an operator ready for assistance reserving a line for all of the callers. In certain cases if there is a big group of parties to be called and the caller doesn’t want any party to feel neglected, an operator assisted call ensures that each incoming party is greeted when it joins in. So in this way all the parties feel important and hence they contribute in a substantial manner.

A caller might need additional features like streaming, participant reports, transcription, recording etc.  There operator assisted conference calls are an optimum solution because the operator guides you through it.  A caller has complete control over how the conference call is managed. The caller has the power to mute any participant while speaking. The caller can remove anyone from the operator assisted conference call if they create unnecessary problems for the participants of the conference call.

In the business field, if there is crucial information being shared and brainstorming is going on where people pitch in their ideas, having an operator on the line helps to receive information that one needs after the call is terminated. There is a feature called call monitoring which checks the availability of the operator at all times in the conference.

Since it is an operator assisted conference call, the role of the operator is vital. The operator performs pre-conference session roles like formatting the entry list of participants, sending a reminder about the conference to participants via voice mail, fax or emails. The operator lets everyone know who all are connected in the call via roll call where each person’s name is asked by the operator.  After a session of telephone conference ends, the operator prepares a list of parties and provides its client with the details of all the participants of the conference. The operator also provides a text version of the conference.

Technology is developed to ease human life therefore it is on us how well we improvise on it and use it to our advantage. Operator assisted conference calling takes telephone conference calling to a whole different level altogether and further facilitates means of communication between many people at the same time.


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