ECI Conference Calling VS MCI Conference Calling

Telephone conference call service enabled people to achieve the unthinkable. Telephone was no longer a point-to-point communication device. Telephone conference call service as a technology revamped the idea of telephone communication. Many people could hear and talk to each other at the same time. Telephone calls got converted from being boring one-on-one interaction to group conversations. It also helped the corporate world in a big way. Now all the people required in the conference room for a meeting could be at different geographic locations and still the meeting could be held. Since telephone conference service became such a rage, companies saw it to a money turner too. So audio conferencing companies were formed to offer conference call services.  These are web based services and the new technology associated with audio conferencing companies was called audio conferencing web technology.

MCI Vs ECI Conference Calling

ECI conference call services and MCI conference call services are audio conferencing companies, both having distinct features.

Enlisted below is a brief comparison between ECI conference calling service and MCI conference calling service.

  1. ECI conference calling provide intelligent business solutions for audio conferencing, web conferencing and data distribution whereas MCI conference calling caters to impromptu online meetings while reserving the lines for the same. Their website boasts of a travel vs. teleconferencing cost comparison generator and is quite popular with the globalized business community.
  2. ECI conference calling is fully digitized, using both tolled and toll-free calling numbers. These numbers reduce the geographically logistical problems of the participants. MCI conference calling has local access numbers across the globe. For local calls, it gives the provision of Special Dial call which is pretty cheap. It is priority based so in cases of emergency, the swift service of MCI conference calling helps make calls in a few seconds.
  3. The total cost of ECI conference calling is 2.5 cents/minute for a total of 15 participants. But the total cost in MCI conference calling is around 0.1313$ per participant, be it a local call or a long distance call for a total of 20 participants.
  4. ECI conference calling provides dedicated use utilizing access numbers with pass codes. For increasing security, separate and distinct moderator pass codes are also provided. For making online conferences through MCI conference calling also requires pass codes for each and every participant.
  5. ECI conference calling provides the provision of Dial-In Toll, US Toll-Free and International     Toll-Free Services for international participants.

But MCI conference calling has introduced ‘The Global Meet Conferencing solution’ which enables international participants to use only one local number instead of having to deal with calling cards or multiple numbers. Just companies get a reduction in their phone bill which encourages more participation. MCI conference calling has an additional feature of in-country free phone service that allows customers to provide country-by-country access numbers to employees, clients and partners so that they can join calls for free because the costs are incurred by the leader of the conference call only.

Summarizing all the aspects, ECI conference calling is fully automated, dependable, reservationless conference calling service so that irrespective of being a new user or a convert from another conferencing vendor, one gets access to a seamless, functional transition with a module that is virtually available at all times and easy to use. It is convenient, controlled and cost effective at the same time developed to enhance the business’s communication efforts. The clients do not have to go through the hassle of continuously reserving a virtual meeting room and then cancelling it because the client has continuous access to the virtual meeting room. It provides participant entry/exit notification, moderator controlled conference security options, roll call functions and call accounting support. Business associates, analysts and stakeholders form the main clienteles.

On the other hand, MCI conference calling is the world’s largest provider of conferencing services according to TeleSpan publishing. Its products include audio, video, web conferencing and related streaming devices. It is trouble free and reliable in nature ensuring the privacy and security of its clients.  Reaching out to 22 countries with its local in-country toll access extension and 33 countries with its in-country freephone numbers, it has the teleconferencing industry’s most expansive global IP backbone. It has wholly owned data networks and develops communication products which lay the very foundation of commerce and communication.

Therefore it depends solely on the client as to which feature is their topmost priority and accordingly select the audio conferencing company.


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