Benefits of Telephone Conference Call Services

Conference Call Service BenefitsThe advent of telephone conference call has taken the business world by storm with its unique features and numerous advantages. Any business, be it big or small is always under the pressure to perform. So their working style should be efficient enough to match up to their counterparts. Hence there arises situations where meetings between the client and the employees suddenly pops up and is inevitable. But the client and the employees cannot be always present in person to attend the meetings because everyone follows a hectic schedule where they don’t even have time for their own self. Breakthrough technologies are introduced to help humans in their everyday lives. One such technology is telephone conference call service. In this case meetings are held in the corporate world without the participants being physically present at those meetings. A caller can add in calls and multiple people can interact with each other at the same time. So a meeting is convened even if the participants are scattered around across the globe.

Enlisted below are some of the key benefits of telephone conference call service:

Easy on the pocket: Since all one needs to pay is a subscription fee to the telephone service provider according to the different plans available, it is quite a cheap option. The business executives don’t have to fly in from different places to attend a meeting, stay put in a hotel and order meals thus saving on the company’s travel expenses. The competition amongst telephone service providers is intense. So telephone conference call service can be available at very low rates but with enhanced quality.

Time saver: For major and minor discussions, instead of meeting at a common place, communicating via telephone conference call service helps save on time. The time saved can be put to use for some investments the business aims at in the future. Since the world is fast paced, profits are raked in if the business is equally fast paced.

Easy on the environment: If every business enterprise contributes to the society, it eventually earns the goodwill of many people and reaches greater heights.  The carbon footprint of a company is reduced immensely if the clients and the customers travel less, there is no usage of paper in the meetings so no wastage of the same and communicating over the telephone doesn’t harm the environment in any way.

Reliable service: Telephone conference call service is available round the clock. Operator assisted calls are like icing on the cake because the operator moderates the calls according to the specification of the caller. There is a PIN number which the caller and the participants have to dial before joining the conference. This makes the connection secure. Encryption codes are used so that no one can join into the conference without a pass code. One can also block outside lines once the conference callers are securely locked in for a meeting.

Flexibility: The meetings become more flexible with the usage of telephone conference call service. A client stuck in traffic, an employee on a sick leave, a customer in a far off land, all of them can still attend a meeting on the scheduled time so the company doesn’t have to incur any loss. If due to some unavoidable circumstances, meeting needs to be cancelled, all one has to do is inform the participants about the same and no harm is done. The meeting is re-scheduled and the participants can join in. It wouldn’t have been this easy if it were an actual meeting instead of a teleconferenced one.

Since technology advances every day, telephone conference call service has competition in the form of web conferencing service but still telephone conference call service is ahead in the race because of its robust features.

  1. Using mobile phones for teleconferencing instead of computers for web conferencing ensures mobility.
  2. Internet connection with a minimum required speed for web conferencing won’t be available at all times but with teleconferencing all one needs to do is reserve a line by calling the telephone service provider beforehand.
  3. The whole world is connected via wires whereas internet is yet to make a mark in many countries.

So the perks of a telephone conference call service are many and it is solely upon us how well we use it to our benefit.


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