Use LastActivityView to Track Users activity on Windows Computer

Do you want to track your activity on your Windows system? Many users out there might have ever wanted to have track upon all the actions that are been carried out on the system. You can use software named LastActivityView to view all your recent activities and logs events and tasks taking on your Windows Computer. Follow the tutorial here to know more about the new features included in this utility tool.LastActivityView trackNirsoft presents LastActivityView, this freeware shows details of recent user actions and logs events and tasks undergone on your Windows PC. It collects information from various sources on a running system, and displays a log of actions and activities by the user and events occurred on this computer.

The logs can be useful in the near future to detect any error in the system or if anything is going wrong within the system can be detected earlier before it causes much serious issues on the system.


The functions and features tracked by LastActivityView are:

Files and folders opening and closure events

Installations of utility software events

Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, Logon, Log off and Start operations of your computer

Running applications or .exe files

Opening and closing of Open or Save dialog-box

Application crashes logs and events

System crashes logs

Folder viewed in Explorer

Blue Screens (BSOD)

Creation of Restore Points

Start and End of Windows Installer

Network connection/disconnection and many more.

You can export this information and take to computer experts for verification to see if your computer is facing any problem or not.

LastActivityView utility program is a stand way portable app that doesn’t require any installation. It gathers information from Registry keys, Prefetch files, Log files, Minidump files and other such places. You can see all the description regarding all the activities taken on your system as by default, the tool only displays the actions by Action Time.

If you have multiple users, then this tool comes in handy as it helps you to keep track of how long a computer is being used and what are the recent activities of the user before you. It also prove to be useful as you can troubleshoot some problems using the logs presented by the tool.


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