Turn off Windows Computer Automatically with Kshutdown

Many users out there might have the habit of running computer whole night upon waiting for a download to be completed or fall asleep. At times there are arise situation where you knowingly or unknowingly keep your system running while you are not around or busy with some other work or have fallen asleep. Here is the tutorial how you can shut down your Windows PC at set time while you are not around to manually shutdown the PC.Turn off Windows Computer automaticallyMany users keep their PC running while updating Anti-virus or downloading Videos and go to sleep and the PC keeps running the next day. Running PC for such a long time can cause damage to the internal hardware or generate errors in the PC.

For users who have this kind of habit, here is a useful tool that can shutdown Windows PC on a set time automatically when you are not around.

KShutdown comes in handy when you are not around but still can shutdown PC at a set time when you wish to. If don’t want your system running after download is completed or need to be awake till the download is complete as KShutdown can do this for you.

kshutdownThis utility program allows you to shut down your system on a set time along with delay option. You can make the program stand or delay or suspend at a specified time according to your suitability. This freeware not only shut down or restart’s PC for you, but also logs you out from your current account or to lock the screen.

You can set a timer or set a date or time to close the system.

Setting a timer: With this utility tool you can set up timer to delay application i.e. you can make any App to wait for a few minutes, an hour or for ten hours to perform it’s set action. Once you are on the set time, the App gets triggered to perform the action, or shutdown, restart, lock the screen or logout of current account actions or whatever actions you want it to perform.

kshutdown set timerYou can select a specified Date and Time to shut down your PC or perform any action at a certain day and time. Just set the particular day and time for a particular action to take place and the freeware automatically performs the action at the set day and time without your interference.

Now you no longer have to wait for the running programs to be completed to turn off before shutting down your system as this can be easily achieved with Kshutdown.

Features of KShutdown

Turn Off or Restart PC Automatically
Inactivity or Hibernate to disk or Suspend
Logout and Lock Screen using a screen saver and many more.

KShutdown is an awesome utility tool for those who don’t want their PC running after completing any download or say shutdowns PC in your absence.


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