Tune up Windows 8 Registry with Powertools Lite 2013

Many users out there must be well aware of the fact that when you download and install any software or any App on your system it creates a registry entry on the system. These registry entries are not removed completely upon uninstalling the software, some traces of it are left behind. This unused, obsolete entry causes your system performance to slow down. Follow the tutorial how you can get rid of Obsolete Registry Entries on your system.

Tune Windows 8 Registry with Powertools Lite 2013If you are good at dealing with registry entries then you can look for the obsolete entries by your own if you have time to spare. If you don’t have spare time to search for the entries and then deleting them, then here is a utility tool that can ease your work by searching for any obsolete unused registry entry and removing them from your system.

PowerTools Lite 2013 is the utility tool we are talking about. It is absolutely free PC maintenance software that makes your PC free from unused registry entries and also fixes errors by repairing certain registry files. Follow the tutorial here to know how you can use Powertools Lite 2013 to clean your system registry, fix errors and even block malicious programs.

This freeware not only allows you to get rid of obsolete, invalid registry entries but also blocks sites that are malicious from spreading across the PC. This utility tool scans your system registry and checks its overall health. The two most important features of this utility tool are removal of the unused obsolete entries and immunization of your PC against all online threats. Additional feature of this utility program is that it repairs any broken or corrupted registry entries.

It cleans your registry automatically and tunes your system for better performance. The immunize feature protects your system against any malicious programs and websites. IT also acts as a powerful backup, It can recover data from any accidental deletions.

How does PowerTools 2013 work?

Firstly download Powertools Lite 2013 and install it. On installation, it starts analyzing your PC. Once it has analyzed, you are taken to the main interface. There you can see four buttons, i.e. registry cleaner, immunize my computer, backup and settings along with your computer health percentage.

powertoolslite 2013 interface

Once it scans your system, you are presented with a report related to the faulty registry and registry errors. From there you can either manually fix or remove those registry errors or take the help of utility program to get rid of them. The most important feature of this tool is that it takes necessary backups before removing any registry entry so there is no need to set any backup manually.

powertools registry cleaning settings window

The Powertools Lite 2013 works well with all versions of the Windows OS, i.e. Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and has multilingual interface too.

Now, you no longer have to look for the obsolete entries and remove them manually, with Powertools Lite 2013 it can be achieved easily. Once you have tuned your registry you can notice that your system performance is enhanced.


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