Theme Switcher allows user change Theme using Command Prompt in Windows 8

Many developers have come out with much software with the launch of the new Windows 8 OS in order to customize or ease users or add up many features Windows 8. Today we will be discussing about how you can change themes in Windows 8 using command prompt. Follow the tutorial below to know how you can change themes using command prompt in Windows 8.

Theme Switcher change Theme Windows 8To change theme using command prompt, a small utility tool called Theme Switcher will be used. This is because to achieve our work as far as know there is no native way to do this. The utility tool serves as both command prompt & a GUI that offers various options to change the theme using command prompt in Windows 8. You can automate it using command prompt or a batch file. This embeds Theme Manager of Windows 8 that can be used to apply or change themes.

Theme Switcher uses the syntax needed to use it

ThemeSwitcher.exe path_to_file

You can see screenshot below showing the GUI for the tool:

winaero theme switcher

Metro screen has been the center of attraction. To change the metro theme of Windows 8, open an elevated command prompt window. Next, type in ThemeSwitcher.exe Metro and hit Enter. By doing this it will change the theme of Windows 8 Metro screen.

change theme metro

Theme Switcher will look under the following locations
C:\Windows\Resources\Easy of Access Themes

It also allows you to set any specified theme, to do so you need to set a custom path for any specified theme. If the theme that is to be applied comprised of 2 names, then you need to put quotation mark in the name or type the name within quotation marks as shown in the image below.

set theme

The tool is extremely simple so it doesn’t require much explanation. If you are the one which is fond of customization, download Theme Switcher from here and give it a try. Now you can change themes using command prompt in Windows 8.


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