Take your text edit skills to the next level with SWEAT

We often are provided with work that requires Editing and formatting of large amounts of text. This not only consumes time but also a hassle. One has to look for word or replacing words with uniform spacing. Text editing can be a real drag and sometimes irritating. Here is Windows application that can take your text edit skills to the next level. Follow the tutorial below to know how you can improve your edit skills using third party application.

edit replace sweatA Third party App called SWEAT (Search Word ExtrActor Tool) provides an easy way to extract specific words and phrases and helps manipulating large (or small) amounts of text. To use the freeware, follow the steps given below.

  • At first download the zipped SWEAT file from this link
  • Once you have downloaded, extract the file and run the program installer
  • Upon completion of the installation you get an icon on your desktop. If preferable you can opt to pin it for easy access.
  • Now, open the program. The interface is easy, simple and straight to the point
  • Next, move to the Options tab to set up your extraction and editing preferences

sweat options

  • After selecting your preference, copy the text that you wish to edit. That text moves to the top text box under the Extract Search Words tab.

sweat edit

  • Upon hitting on Go button, you can see all the changes that were designated are applied to it. For instance, if you have selected to remove all numbers and organize the text alphabetically. The app will do so, i.e. it will remove all symbols and phrases that include symbols go before the alphabet.

sweat result

This tool provides a bunch of cool tasks like the one described above along with other useful things like finding out repeated words, or replacing an incorrect word or phrase that appears many times.

Now, simply copy the edited version of your text back into the document where you want to insert the edited one i.e. in the original document. Now, you no longer have to worry about editing a large text as this can be easily achieved with SWEAT in Windows 8.


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