Shut Down PC or Apps Automatically with Auto Power Switch at a Specified Time

You might have often thought of an auto power system on your PC, which would shut down your PC when not in use for a long time or say when you have left your computer on for large downloads or malware scans to complete and went to sleep. It would be really interesting if the system would turn down itself upon completing its task. Here is the tutorial how your PC can shut down automatically upon completion of task or whenever you are not around or have kept the system on for a long time.shutdown pc automatically

You can save money and power by shutting down your PC when not in use. But, sometimes during a larger file downloads or during a malware scan you need put your system on. Well, now you no longer have to wait for the completion of the process and shut down your PC. You can achieve this by using a third party tool known as Auto Power Switch. It is developed by codeplex.

When you are busy with other work while your PC is still scanning, you can carry out with your work by setting time on the power switch when to turn off your system. This tool comes in handy when you are sleeping or busy with other work, this tool shut down your PC automatically.

Auto Power Switch not only shut down your PC at a specified time, but is also able to direct your PC to hibernate and sleep.

auto power switch set time os

This App allows you to shut down your operating system as well as any application running on your system.
In the screen shot given above you can clearly see that when in OS, you can specify timings for shut down action, such as Hibernate, Lock, or Sleep.

The screenshot below shows that you can also specify timings for the chosen App to close upon completion of the process.

auto power switch set time close app

The app also allows you to shut down only certain applications at a specified time. All the confirmations and dialog windows are bypassed while shutting down applications by Auto Power Switch thereby making the closing of the execution process easier.

You can now set timings for your PC to shutdown and go to sleep with no worries.


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