Quickly Find and Delete Empty Folders in Windows

It is really irritating and a time consuming process to find the empty folders manually in Windows. Sometimes you might not know where exactly the empty files are located on your computer, and then you have to spend a lot of time searching for them and deleting them one by one. The empty folders reside on your computer and that take up space on your hard drive. Here is the tutorial how you can search and delete the empty folders in Windows without wasting a lot of time in manually searching for them.

search empty folder with fast empty folder finder

Upon installing programs on your computer, new folders are being created to store the data on your computer hard disk. When you uninstall the programs they leave behind redundant folders, which consume a lot of space on your system hard drive. However, manual search for such kind of folders are tiring and time-consuming process.

You can save your time and get rid of the empty folders easily by using software called Fast Empty Folder Finder. This is a desktop application that helps you to scan through the whole system directories and list down all the empty folders to be deleted in simple steps. This program comes with an EXE setup file, which is sized at only 344 KB. The installation and setup programs are quite easy.

Download the software and run the app to begin with your search for empty folders. Make use of the folder icon in the top left corner of the Fast Empty Folder Finder app window to indicate which path you want to search for empty folders in. The search goes on for a while and a list of empty folders will be displayed in the app window. Before deleting the folder, you can preview it so as to prevent the deletion of the folder that is important. Click on a folder from the list to highlight it and view its preview in the bottom pane.

scan Empty folder

In order to delete any folders, first select the checkbox next to them. Once you have selected the folders you wanted to remove, click on the Delete Checked Folders button in the bottom. Upon prompting for confirmation for the deletion of the folders. Click on Yes and all your selected folders shall be deleted.

Upon deletion of the folders using the utility program you can free up space on your computer hard disk drive that were acquired by the unnecessary empty folders and save a lot of time.


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