Permanent & Secure Data Removal with Blank and Secure

Whenever you remove or delete any software or program application or anything, we believe that they are completely removed from our system. But they are not completely removed from the system, some traces still remains in the hard disk or some registries remain in the OS. The removed or deleted ones can be recovered using recovery software. Here is the tutorial how you can remove or delete data permanently from the system hard disk.

Permanent & Secure Data Removal with Blank and SecureThere are several options with users to recover that data easily from the remains or traces or registry entries in the hard disks. Moreover the registry entry that remains after the items is removed or deleted can be one of the culprits for system slowdown. Here in this tutorial, we will be discussing about a utility program that can delete data on your system in such a way that they get deleted beyond recovery options. In other words a user cannot recover that deleted data anyhow.

If you are someone who wants to remove data forever or delete data in such a way that no one can recover it at any cost, then here is a software named Blank and secure to achieve your purpose. It is a portable tool by which you can delete data permanently and securely from your system hard disk.

BlankAndSecure delete data

Deleting data securely is not possible unless you override the data with the zeroes with the process termed as Zero Filling. This may be an issue for some users but deleting data securely is the main feature of this utility program.

Blank and Secure overwrites the data to be removed from the system with zeros that is before deleting making sure that the data is deleted permanently. Portability is another interesting feature of this tool.

As the data once deleted using this tool is non-recoverable, so it is advised to use this tool carefully and cautiously.

Now, you no longer have to worry about the in-secured data recovery from your PC as the data can be deleted permanently and that too securely with no chance of recovery using Blank and Secure tool.


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