Organize and Manage Windows 8 Desktop Items using fences

With the launch of Windows 8 various Apps and utility software’s are also surfaced. If you love customizing your Windows desktop, here is the tutorial about how you can make your Windows 8 desktop appear clean and organized. Follow the tutorial to know how you can make your desktop appear clean and tidy using a free utility.

organize w8 desktop fences

Many users out there must have a scattered desktop or say the icons on the desktop are all scattered. Stardock presents Fences – a utility program that offers you to group your icons files or folder in fences to make your desktop look more organized and clean. I am sure many users are quite lazy in arranging the files and folders and keep them scattered all over desktop. So, here is helping hand for you called Fences. This freeware group item or icons on the desktop and organize them according to their usability under movable groups called fences.

If a particular icon is not in use it allows an easier way to hide them making the desktop more compact in appearance. Fences serve as useful program for Windows 8 user. It makes your desktop look clean and organized. Its free version is available for some period and you can avail it for $9.99 from its official website.

Essential features of Fences

Makes Desktop appear clean by organizing desktop Icons into groups or fences

Hide Icons that are not in use

Makes your desktop clean and Tidy

Allows Control settings to organize desktop automatically

To hide the items from desktop, just double-click on an empty space on your desktop and you can avail a lot of free space on desktop. To get back the hidden files again double click on screen.

To open any item in the fences, simply drag them out using mouse cursor and work on it. You can arrange files accordingly like you can create a fence accommodating only office files and create a fence separately including home assignments and name them accordingly.


Once the fences or group are created you can resize them freely and move them anywhere on the desktop.

That’s all. If you don’t like your desktop appear clumsy and all messy, try Fences. This easily manages and makes your desktop look clean and organized. You don’t have to spare time to organize your desktop icons.


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