Manage Windows services With Windows Service Monitor

Do you manage Windows services by wasting a lot of time in starting and stopping them? You can now manage the services on your windows computer within clicks. Software named Windows Service Monitor enables you to monitors the programs or services running on your computer. Follow the tutorial to monitor Start, Stop or Restart any Windows Service with a couple of clicks along with various other features.

monitor windows services

Windows Service Monitor is freeware app that allows you to monitor the services running on your computer. Now, you don’t need to waste time opening the Services Control Panel application rather you can easily manage the services from the tray icon.

The important features of Windows Service Monitor software are discussed below.

  • Easily monitor the Start or stop or restart any Windows Service from the Windows system tray
  • The tray icon informs you immediately whether the service is running or not
  • Tray icon notifies or alert you upon sudden start or stop of a service
  • Easily switch to Session 0 to view the GUI from your interactive services
  • Shows service details on demand (CPU, Memory, Uptime, etc)
  • Manage multiple services, each with a different customizable tray icon
  • No need of using the net.exe and sc.exe utilities at the command line or run Services from the Control Panel

Download the freeware app and run it. This will show you the complete list of all active services. Any programs or services which you want to monitor can be added into the list of monitored services. The program is a simplified version of Windows services function and allows you to monitor them from system tray.

To add or create a shortcut of the services or the programs that you want to monitor from the system tray, follow the steps given below.

Create a Shortcut for your Service

  • Download and install Windows Service Monitor
  • Go to Start > All Programs > ServiceTray > Configure ServiceTray. This will bring up the Create Shortcut window

configuration system tray

  • Select the service or the program you would like to control
  • Choose the icon that you would like to show up on the taskbar

servicetray configure dialog create shortcut

  • Select the folder to save the shortcut. Specify Startup to place the shortcut in your Startup folder and have Windows start it whenever you log in; specify Desktop to create a convenient icon that you can manually launch. Or you can enter any folder you like.
  • To create the shortcut click on Create Shortcut button
  • Click on Done to close the window

How to Monitor the services from the created shortcut

You can create the shortcut in Startup so that the service is launched automatically when you log on to Windows. Otherwise, double-click on the shortcut to start it. A new tray icon appears on the taskbar. The icon’s color will indicate the service’s state. Green indicates the service is running, red indicates that service has stopped and yellow means transitioning (starting, stopping, etc). If all services are stopped, a gray icon is showed. Right-click or left-click on the icon to open the service’s menu this is where you can start, stop, restart or show details of the services. To see the details of the service, Double-click on the icon. ServiceTray will pop up an alert if your service stops or starts unexpectedly.

You can also open common administrative utilities like Services, Event Viewer, Task Manager from the Tools sub-menu.

The different functions and benefits of Windows Service Monitor are described above. You can now easily manage the Windows services easily within clicks.


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