How to Increase the Copying Speed of a File?

Windows File Transfer System on the computer system is a slow and boring process as it takes lots of time. In this fast forward life don’t waste your precious time in copying a file. Copying File is not only slow, but also causes irritation when you are in a hurry and your system doesn’t finish copying a file. Here is the tutorial to increase the speed of copying and pasting on your system.

file copy

Some software and Apps are readily available in the market which provides better transfer and copying of file. These include transfer resuming, copy speed computation and control, improved copy progress display, copy list editable while copying, copy list saving/loading, and an error log. The software are discussed below.


FastCopy is freeware application, which is the Fastest Copy or  Delete Software on Windows and provides faster transfer of files between hard drives and copying of files within the same drive. It can copy or delete unicode and over MAX_PATH (260byte) path name files. The usage of FastCopy is very simple, you simply have to select the source and destination directory and copies file easily in an efficient way.


TeraCopy is a free software application that is to be used in a non-commercial environment for Microsoft Windows OS. It is developed to move or copy computer files faster and easily. As an alternative to the standard copy operations within Windows, it is much faster and have more functionality than the native or standard tool. In case of transfer errors, TeraCopy will try several times; after that, it skips the faulty file and proceeds with the rest of the operation. TeraCopy also shows failed file transfers and allows the user to fix the problem and recopy the problematic files. It also has a full unicode support and replace Explorer copy and move functions.


SuperCopier is a  utility software that is developed by SFX Team to copy and paste large quantities of files and folders in Windows in a much faster, more reliable and efficient way than the built-in file copy operation. It replaces Windows Explorer file copy and adds many feature. These software include features like pause a copy, transfer resuming, copy speed computation and control, improved copy progress display, copy list editable while copying, copy list saving/loading, and an error log. When 2 files collides, SuperCopier asks what to do next (override, skip, cancel or rename either the new or the old file) and when there is an error, SuperCopier asks what to do next.


RichCopy is a freeware computer utility program developed by Microsoft Corporation to copy file directories. It performs more quickly and avoids pitfalls commonly found with the conventional copy and paste commands in the Windows operating system. Additionally, it provides a complete graphical user interface (GUI). The features are like Copying several files simultaneously, which can drastically reduce the time required for multi-gigabyte file transfers and backups.


Ultracopier is a software tool to replace files copy of the file explorer. It enables feature like pause and resume the copy, show speed and apply speed limitation, double progress bar to general and current file, copy list can be edited during the copy, error log, collision management (overwrite, skip, cancel or rename) and many more.

The other software for copying files are Robocopy, niceCopier, unstoppable copier, etc. These software will enhance the file copying speed and make the copying much easier and faster.


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