How to Customize Windows Run Box with Win+R Alias Manager?

Windows Run box allows the users to access various applications with different run command directly. Run serves multiple purpose like for example, to find IP address simply type in ipconfig or to get into the system configuration type in msconfig, etc. It is the easiest and the shortest gateway to get into a particular application on your windows computer. But, the commands are predefined that is you can’t have your own commands for the application you want to access. Here is the tutorial describing about how you can access the application of your choice from the Run command by creating your own command.

create command with Win+R Alias Manager

WinR Alias Manager

Many user like to create their own command to run the applications, but they are limited to use the predefined commands. In order to open a specific application you need to remember the command, which is simply not that easy. However, if you could have a customization option, then you can set your own commands that are easier to remember in order to open a specific program or application.

Now, you can create your own commands to open the specific programs by using a freeware called Win+R Alias Manager. It is a handy Windows tool to create alias commands for your favorite applications and supports OS like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 both x86 and x64. This tool also allows you to add a number of commands to open any application or a single application.

Win+R Alias Manager is a handy application and runs without any installation. The interface of this freeware tool is user-friendly; all the options are readily available on the toolbar. To create a new alias command, click on the Plus sign on the tool available and locate the executable path of the installed program. You can also locate the path of a single portable executable application. Upon browsing the path, enter your desired alias command to run the located executable file. After completion, hit OK button to save all the work.

win r alias manager

This portable command creator also allows you to edit the existing alias or commands. To do so select the application from the list and click on the Edit button and then change their alias command name. Other programs can be easily customized using the command alias of all installed programs and use them easily.

Upon using the Win+R Alias Manager software tool you can easily create your own command and manage all the programs and applications on your computer.


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