Auto Hide Desktop Icons – App to Hide or Show Desktop Icons on Windows 8

Do you like the cluttered desktop or a clean desktop? Many users prefer desktop to be clean without much icons cluttered here and there. Today we will be discussing about interesting software that will automatically hide or unhide the desktop icons from your Windows 8 desktop within click.AutoHideDesktopIcons

Users who prefer clean desktop over the cluttered one, then you can use the freeware Auto Hide Desktop Icons. From the name itself we can find out the features and functions. This utility doesn’t require installation as it is portable one. You can carry the utility and start using on any system.

Removing or deleting the icons is not favored but you can hide them when not needed and unhide when in need. Auto Hide Desktop Icons allows you to hide desktop icons within click thereby making the desktop appear clean.
This freeware is portable, light weight and portable. Its easy use to interface allows a novice to hide icons easily.

Earlier we have come across Fences that not only organized desktop icons but also allowed you to hide icons on the desktop. To use Auto Hide Desktop Icons freeware, first download it and un-zip the zipped folder and launch the tool. The neat interface depicts everything.

On using for the first time, all the desktop icons are hidden. To unhide the icons, you need to configure the mouse click that is whether it is the right, left or middle click to unhide the desktop icons. From the interface itself you can check the box besides the option to be used to unhide them. It also allows you to hide the taskbar and access all your favorite program icons with one click.

The most important feature is the timer i.e. you can set the time for which the icons are showed up on the desktop and disappears once the timer exits. For example, if you want the desktop appear for only 50 seconds after they are un-hidden, so it goes that way. Right after 50 seconds after the icons are un-hidden the desktop icons hide again.

To start the program at startup, you can add it to startup. It goes well with Windows 7, 8, Vista, Windows Server 2008, XP, 2000, Windows NT, and Windows 98.

If you want to escape the cluttered desktop, then you can try Auto Hide Desktop Icons. This freeware allows you to hide or show desktop icons within click.


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