Get a Snap of Stranger who touches your System with Mouselock

We all are very much concerned about privacy of our system. Although there are many Apps and features available to safe guard the data from unauthorized access. Windows 8 includes Lockscreen feature that locks the screen so that no other user can access your system when you are not around the system without a password, but the lock screen is set up to function at specified time. If you are wishing to get a picture of the culprit accessing your laptop without your presence, follow the tutorial below.


The easier way to get a snap of the culprit that runs out your battery can be achieved by Mouselock. This is an online application and is quite fair and simple. You need to select a secret point out of the ten buttons and this will act as the security pin to your computer.

select secret pin

Once you have selected the number you are asked for confirmation. Next you need to place the cursor inside a small gray area. When the Mouselock asks for having access to your webcam, accept it if you have one. By doing this the program will snap a photo when the mouse is moved without unlocking. You will also require a valid Gmail address to receive the snap shot.

Now when you are not around your system and during that interval someone anyone moves the mouse outside of that gray circle, they are asked to select the secret number that was chosen by you within five seconds and failing to do so or unable to guess correctly, a picture will be taken and an email is sent immediately to your Gmail account.

place cursor

However, Mouselock does not prevent people from using the computer, but failing to provide the pin, you are informed about the time and date of access and along with photographic evidence.

email sentYou can also select a secret pin on every use of the app. As it provides only 10 options, it’s recommended to use a different number each time.

This is only a temporary way to safeguard your data or say efficient to find the culprit that is using your system in your absence.

Upon following the tutorial here you can now easily get a snap of the culprit accessing your PC in your absence.


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