3 Freewares to Optimize Memory

Does computer freezes occasionally or hangs down and take up loads of time to browse certain webpages or sometimes refuse to load Apps or programs or Apps fails to startup? The possible culprits for this kind of issue may be the decreasing memory space. Scarcity of memory space can lead to slow performance of PC. In this case you can take the help of Memory Optimizers. This software was valuable and popular in Windows XP and its earlier versions, but there utilization has been cut off or say reduced in the recent Windows OS prior to Windows vista. Here is the tutorial discussing about the three best Memory Optimizers freeware available for Windows.

Freewares Optimize Memory windows3 Freewares to optimize Memory


clean memFirst, in the list is of memory optimizer is the CleanMem. This freeware is set to run every 15 minutes after startup. It adds task to the Task Scheduler and runs after task is created or modified. When the task is triggered, the CleanMem.exe file starts running provided the system is idle. It asks the Windows to clean up memory all by itself.

Memory Washer

The makers of AntiTracks have developed a memory optimizer named Memory Washer. This freeware manages the memory and process management program lays a helping hand in increasing physical memory space so that you can utilize it in a better way. It finds out processes that are unnecessary and allows you to remove them and manage startup applications, Windows services, etc.

Memory washer

With the help of this freeware you can also acquire the information regarding which programs are using up the most memory and disable them, if it’s not useful. The most interesting feature about this software is the AutoFree RAM function that automatically frees up RAM on your computer. You need to simply set up predefined levels based on time intervals or allow memory Washer run automatically to free RAM whenever there is a scarcity in memory space.

WinUtilities Memory Optimizer

winutilies memory optimizer

Another freeware that optimizes your PC memory when your system is idle is the WinUtilities Memory Optimizer. The latest version of WinUtilities Memory Optimizer allows optimization of memory only when the system is idle so that it can minimize interruptions during normal computer use.

Here is the list of free utility program that can be used to optimize memory by freeing up some space on the system.


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