Encrypt Text Documents with Steganos LockNote to Prevent Illegal Access of Data

We all are more concerned about the privacy and secrecy of the data stored on the computer. Many users like to keep all their personal data like password, important email addresses, bank account number, credit card no or other private information stored in the Notepad on the computer. If you are the one doing this then you might run the risk of data theft from your computer as hackers can access the data stored on your computer any time. Follow the tutorial to know how you can protect the data and prevent the illegal access of them by the hackers.

encrypt text with steganos locknote
Many users like to keep their data on a password protected partition to prevent the access of their confidential files and documents. There is much software available that can be used to protect your data from theft. But, the other way to protect all your data is by encrypting them.

Steganos LockNote is free encrypting software that will change the way you work with confidential notes. This is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Encryption and decryption is the part of it. It is safe, secure, and simple and moreover it doesn’t need any installation. This allows you to encrypt your text document using a password. It uses the most advance AES 256bit encryption technology.

Steganos LockNote utility program doesn’t need to be installed, simply download it and run the executable file.

How it protects your text data

Download the utility program and run the executable file. A notepad looking window will appear. In the notepad write down or simply drag and drop existing text files which you want to protect on a LockNote window and they will be encrypted automatically. Save the file and encrypt it by giving a password. After encrypting you will notice that the encrypted document has turned into a file with .exe extension and your data is secured. To access the files again, double-click on it this will prompt you to for password to decrypt it. Enter your password to access your text files as usual.

steganos locknote

Steganos LockNote is small size application with just 312 KB and is very easy to encrypt any text document using this utility program. As it doesn’t need to be installed, it can be easily carried using USB and use it anywhere. Now, you don’t need to worry about the privacy of your valuable data.


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