Driver Detective App to fix Drivers Compatibility Issues in Windows 8

If you have upgraded from Windows 7 to the new Windows 8 OS, then you might have faced problem regarding Drivers Compatibility Issues. Microsoft claims that Windows 7 drivers are well acquired by Windows 8, but however this isn’t completely true as many users have come out with issues regarding driver compatibility issues. Here is the tutorial how you can resolve Drivers Compatibility Issues in Windows 8 using third party utility program.driver detective

Drivers are essential for operating any software and other necessary features on your system. The drivers which were previously used in Windows 7 are not compatible with Windows 8. Therefore once you update your OS from Windows 7 to Windows 8, there arise driver compatibility issues. Considering the issues, Microsoft has altered the driver protocol for Windows 8 operating system.

Since, Windows 8 is an updated version of Windows 7, it seems like all the apps and devices of Windows 7 must be compatible with the new Windows 8 operating system, but in fact you need to update Windows 7 drivers by the Windows 8 drivers while upgrading from Windows 7. If not, then the device fails to respond to many features and gives rise to many issues. But, not to worry using Microsoft product is advantageous. It deals with all the problems and provides a solution to them. All the updated drivers for Windows 8 are readily available and downloadable and once they are downloaded, you can run them easily using the Troubleshoot Compatibility wizard and install them accordingly.

Though most of the issues in Microsoft can be solved using troubleshoot compatibility, but it may not always be reasonable. In that case you can use new Driver Detective app which has been introduced to hold ultimate importance as an application.

This app has a user-friendly interface and allows you to access to an extensive database. Once installed in your system, it starts detecting or locating the most recent drivers that are compatible to your system operating on Windows 8.

It ensures integrity as the drivers installed by the software are in original form as the manufacturers itself provide them. The functionality of the drivers is also retained. So, now you no longer have to waste time as Driver Detective protects you from all sorts of frustration related while searching and updating for the compatible drivers.


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