Disable USB access using Ratool (Removable Access Tool) on Windows

You might have come across a situation where your friend or outsider collects your confidential or private data when you were not around your system. Many users out there must have come across this kind of situation. Users most often keep their system On and move out for seconds and in the meantime someone uses removable device to copy your data. This can be quite bothering and even risk and ruin your professional career if it is something confidential. In this tutorial we will be discussing about a fabulous utility tool that will restrict USB access to your Windows Computer.

block usb ratool

This can be really irritating to turn off while you are not around your system.  Prevention is always better than taking risks. However, earlier we have discussed about how you can disable USB ports to prevent USB access to the system. This way you can secure your data from being shared using removable drives. Sordum is the developer of a fabulous USB blocking App that disables USB port or allows limited access of USB on Windows PC.

Ratool or Removable Access Tool is what we are talking about. It is a free, portable, easy to use utility tool that allows user or the system Admin to block or prevent USB writing or running to your Windows system. To start using the freeware, just download and install it. This utility is useful for those who don’t like or is a novice and doesn’t have knowledge in disabling USB port.

Upon installation you are presented with a simple interface displaying three main options i.e. either to disable USB temporarily or access it with restricted permissions or completely disable it.

Allow Read & Write (Default) – This is a default mode i.e. Windows allows USB access for operation like read or write on USB to or from PC. The App icon changers to Green when Allow Read & Write option is enabled.

Ratool default

Allow Read Only – USB is only allowed to read or transfer the data to Windows PC. While writing is restricted thereby secures your data on the system. When the Read Only mode is enabled the icon changes to Yellow.

Ratool allow readonly

Disable USB Disks Detection – It clearly indicates that enabling this mode disable USB access to your system completely. That means no USB devices will be recognized by the Windows and thus no threat to your data. On enabling this mode the icon changes to red.

ratool disable usb

Other Key Features of Ratool are as follows:

ratool features

USB Device Autorun Control – Enabling this USB Device’s autorun function is disabled and prevents threat from any kind of virus infections.

Show hidden files on selected drive – Using this option shows all hidden files included in the selected drive

Password Properties – You can password protect USB access also to prevent unauthorized access.

If you are looking for an utility to block your USB or removable devices, Ratool is worth giving a try. If the write is disabled on USB the risk of copying the articles decreases for a while when you are not around.


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