Customize Windows with SystemTweaker

Windows has been favourite OS for many users out there. To make your Windows system customized we often make changes in the system settings but not all the system settings or features are customized using Windows settings. Some features require registry configuration while some features are hidden making the customizing little tricky. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how you can customize Windows using SystemTweaker.


Modifying Registry to customize Windows is somewhat risky as it is an important database of Windows. Any small change in the registry can give rise severe issues on the Windows system. If you are fond of customizing then you can give try to the systemtweaker.

Uniblue presents SystemTweaker to customize Windows easily within clicks. This utility program is easy to use priced at $59.95. It is safe and allows you to customize Windows your own way. It offers about 50 tweaks to have a new face of Windows that is comfortable to use.

systemtweaker 2

Key Features of SystemTweaker

Modernize or give new look to Start and Control Panel menu
New network settings to boost functionality and provide better security
Allows Customization of Windows start-up and shutdown rules
Additional or Customized right-click menu options
It lets easy access or provides detailed system information

Users who are fond of customizing can find a better use of this software. It avails many features to make your Windows experience better than before. The tutorial here is all about how you can customize Windows using SystemTweaker.


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