Customize Windows Explorer with Chrome-Style Tabs using Clover

Almost all browsers include the tabbed browsing feature. This feature was introduced years ago on browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. With tabbed browsing you can now enjoy browsing much easily. If you are one with a habit of multiple browsing i.e. using a dozen of WebPages at a single point of time, then this tabbed feature might give you a great web browsing experience. Have you ever imagined of having the same tabbed feature in Windows explorer? Yes, it is possible. Follow the tutorial below to add Chrome-Style Tabs or tabbed browsing feature to your Windows Explorer.

add Chrome Style Tabs in windows explorer using CloverYou can now customize your explorer by adding chrome style tabs while managing your files on desktop. When you run Windows Explorer, you can see that all the folders are opened in the same manner as it is in the case of opening new tab opens in the web browser.

With a freeware App named Clover, you can add chrome style tabbed feature to your Windows Explorer. The App is a lightweight application that works much like that of an extension in Windows Explorer. Some user might believe this app as the replacement for the Windows’s built-in file manager, but this not the case, it is an extended version having extra functionality of adding tabs to Windows Explorer.

tabbed windows explorer

To customize your explorer, at first you need to download and install Clover on your system. Upon installing the feature, you can see the Chrome-style tab at the top of the Windows Explorer. Try opening folders; you will notice that the tabs open within the same window. Not only this, with clover you can add folders to access them easily from the bookmark bar right under the tabs. Simply add files by dragging the folder into the bookmark bar or you can achieve this by using the shortcut Ctrl+D to bookmark it.

The folder that opens in the form of tabs in the explorer can also work in same way as you access the tabs in Google Chrome. It also allows you to add new tab (add new folder), duplicate, pin, close, bookmark tab and more. It also enables the same keyboard shortcuts that were used in Google Chrome, i.e. you can open a tab by pressing Ctrl + T shortcut or close tab by pressing Ctrl + W and Ctrl + Tab to switch between tabs and many more.

add tab windows explorer

Clover works brilliantly on Windows 7 OS and might work fine on other Windows OS like that of Windows 8, Vista and XP.
If you want to customize your Windows Explorer and add Chrome-Style Tabs to it, Clover is the App that can be recommended to every Windows users.


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