Creating a backup Image to Restore USB Drive with USB image tool

Many computer users out there wish to install operating system using USB drive. Installation of OS from the bootable USB drive, as this saves lot of time and moreover you don’t need to waste any CD or DVD. There are many freeware available to create a bootable USB drive to install your OS easily. Here is the tutorial to create a bootable USB drive.

create backup with USB image tool
Creation of bootable USB drive is an easy process but it is a time consuming process. Sometimes you need to opt for files and other settings to create a bootable USB drive. It would be great deal if you could create a backup image of your bootable USB drive and simply restore the backup image whenever you need.

Microsoft’s recently launched Windows 8 RTM to public. This software can be purchased and downloaded using Upgrade Assistant. This freeware tool downloads all the necessary setup files and then allows you to create a bootable USB drive to install Windows 8 in your system. Suppose you have created the USB drive without having the knowledge of how to process it or install Windows 8 immediately as soon as possible as you need the USB drive for some other purpose.

Formatting of the drive is not possible as it will delete all the Windows 8 setup files. It will then become useless if you are unable to install the Windows 8. If the bootable USB drive is formatted mistakenly, then the question arises how to install Windows 8 again.

All the problems can be resolved by creating a backup image of Windows 8 bootable USB drive. Herte is the tutorial how you can create a backup image of Windows 8 bootable USB drive.

A freeware named USB Image Tool for Windows can be used to create images of your USB flash drives as well as MP3 players. Not only has this, it also allows you to restore the OS later.

The other features of USB Image Tool are listed below.

  • It can create backup image files of USB flash drives
  • It has the feature of Restoring backup images to USB flash drives even after the USB is formatted
  • This also supports compressed image file format

use image tool
In addition to this it shows USB device information, manages favorite USB images and also provides command line utility. This freeware tool is able to create backup images for almost all types of USB devices for example flash drives, card readers, digicams, cell phones and mobile music players.

This USB Image Tool is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. This is a portable tool and doesn’t need to be installed. You just need to download and run the program.
Upon using this freeware program you can easily create backup image or restore the backup when needed within a few clicks.


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