Bring back ReFS File System on Windows 8 using ReFS Activator

File system in Windows 8 is NTFS based file, but it has been found that ReFS file is better than NTFS file for the server positioning. ReFS or Resilient File System is more reliable and integrated file format availed in Windows Server 2012. But, due to certain reason Windows 8 doesn’t install ReFS file format. If you are interested in using protected ReFS file format on Windows 8, then here is the tutorial how you can activate ReFS File format on your Windows 8 system.

Activate ReFS File system on Windows 8 using refs activator

As we all know that Microsoft has brought many variations in the new Windows 8 OS. One of the changes is the absence of ReFS file format.

ReFS file being better than NTFS file in positioning the server and due to its absence in Windows 8, here is how you can have it back in the OS. There are many ways to activate ReFS file system on Windows 8 optimized OS. Using a third party tool is the best way to activate ReFS File System. ReFS Activator for Windows 8 utility program best compatible for bringing back ReFS file format in Windows 8. The user friendly interface makes the activation easy. It is compatible with Windows 8 64-bit build 9200 (RTM), 8400 (RP) and 8250 (CP).

Download ReFS Activator for Windows 8 and launch it. Upon launching it requests for Windows 8 Build. If you are unaware of the build number of your system, you can get that by clicking on Check Windows Version. Once you get the build Windows information, then start with the installation by clicking on install ReFS File System. Upon successful installation reboot Windows 8 system to apply the changes.

ReFS Activator

After rebooting, you can find that ReFS file is activated on your Windows 8 system. But, before installing make sure that you are using Windows 8 64 Bit version application on system.

So, now you can activate ReFS File System on Windows 8 using the utility program ReFS Activator for Windows 8 and follow the instructions mentioned above.


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