Easier Access to USB drives with TweakNow DriveShortcut

It would be great if you could access Removable drives or USB from the desktop itself. Yes, this is now possible. Earlier we have to navigate to File explorer or Windows Explorer to open or access USB drives. But there are software available that allows easier access of USB or removable devices. Follow the tutorial below to know more about the software.

TweakNow DriveShortcut create usb shortcut

To access USB from desktop, we need to create shortcut for the USB drives using TweakNow DriveShortcut. This utility program automatically creates shortcut for USB devices connected to system.

TweakNow DriveShortcut is a free utility program that detects when a USB is connected to the system and automatically creates a shortcut icon on the desktop to access it. It can create shortcuts for USB and other removable drives like CD/DVD drives, etc. to do so you need to check the boxes besides the types of drives for which you want to create shortcut. Once you install the software, it starts monitoring for the removable drives plugged-in the system. On detecting USB drives, it automatically creates shortcut on desktop.

config TweakNow DriveShortcut

It also allows you to customize its setting, for instance, you can allow creation of shortcut icons on the same place every time you enter any USB drives. This helps you to sort out the actual position and you don’t have to look for the shortcut here and there.

The shortcuts that are created are removed with the removal of the USB drives. If you want to start the program at the time login Windows, you can do so by right clicking on the icon the system tray and select settings option from the menu that appears. This is where you can opt to save the position of icons and start the program every time you log into Windows. To save the settings or changes done, hit the Save button and close the program.


To see the working of the software, try plug-in any USB or removable drive, you can see a shortcut for the USB drive created on the desktop within no time.

Using TweakNow DriveShortcut you can save time and space as the shortcuts is created only when you insert any USB device and gets removed with the withdrawal of USB drives.

If you are looking for an easier and fast way to access removable devices, try TweakNow DriveShortcut that creates shortcut for plugged-in USB so that you can open and access directly from the desktop within clicks.


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