Easily Access Recycle Bin from Windows System Tray with MiniBin

Many users out there are fond of customizing their Windows desktop and change the appearance by personalizing them. Here is a trick how you can personalize the recycle bin in the system tray. To do so you can download software named MiniBin. This software will we set the recycle bin on the system tray. Follow the tutorial to know how you can use the software.

Access Recycle Bin from Windows System Tray with MiniBin

MiniBin is a freeware recycling bin used to customize the system tray or the notification area. This tool allows you to open or empty the Recycle Bin from the system tray, or drag and drop items into it in single click. It can be used as the replacement of the Recycle Bin in case the default bin is hidden. This also offers some theme in order to change the appearance of the system tray. You can also configure this MiniBin look and designs to match with your current Windows version and theme.

minibin themes

Download the freeware tool MiniBin and install it. Now click the system tray and select Customize to open the Notification Area Icons tool in the Control Panel. The icon will be easily visible. The items under the Recycle Bin are indicated by colored graph effect.

configure minibin

Right-clicked the program’s icon and clicked Open, this will open the main Recycle Bin. Select clean to empty the bin. Upon clicking on Configuration we can get confirmed about the particulars been deleted, enable slow updates for slow systems, and similar options. The tray icon can be changed by selecting the themes. Upon moving the cursor over the tray icon, program’s name and Web site pops-up. To exit the MiniBin simply click Quit. This tool doesn’t have effect on the default Recycle Bin.

MiniBin is a free and neat tool that doesn’t have any bad effect on your computer or the default Recycle Bin. It is simply a tool used to personalize your windows computer system tray.


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