7+ Taskbar Numberer to open Apps pinned to Taskbar with that number

Earlier I have discussed about a utility ModernMix in one of my posts. ModernMix utility tool makes Windows 8 interface more user-friendly. Here in this tutorial we will be discussing about another utility called 7 + Taskbar Numberer that makes the switching and accessing between the opened windows more comfortably. Follow the tutorial below to know more about Task Numberer.

7+ Taskbar Numberer to open Apps pinned to Taskbar with that number

7 + Taskbar Numberer as the name suggests that it numbers the windows open or present in the taskbar. There by making it easier for the users to switch tasks. You can open the windows by simply pressing Windows Key with the number keys. Generally, we use Windows key +Tab Keyboard shortcut to switch to a certain task in running applications. Although it is useful but at times it becomes more complicated when there are numerous applications running simultaneously on the system, here this utility proves to be handy. It provides a direct way of task switching.

taskbar numberer taskbar

Once you downloaded the program, you can see the numbers over all the applications running in the taskbar. Simply hit Win+ the number to launch the programs directly.

When there are number of applications running in the system, you can find significant number of tray icons which makes system tray appear clumsy. With 7+ Task Bar Numberer you can add numbers to all the visible tray icons and all the programs pinned in the task bar.

Here are some of the Shortcuts Keys to Use 7+ Taskbar Numberer

Win Key+ Number

Using this shortcut you can open the application on that number directly on your screen. For example, if you are running VLC Media player at number 8 then press Win+8 will launch the VLC Media Player directly, irrespective of the application running currently on the screen.

Ctrl+Win key +number

This shortcut launches the last active program pinned on your desktop taskbar.

Alt+Win key +number

This shortcut is useful in opening a list of programs pinned to the taskbar with a single number. For instance, if MS Word is numbered 6 in the taskbar and on pressing Alt + Win key +number 6, this will open the list of all recent Word documents.

task bar numberer shortcutsTo use it now download it from its home page.

Use  7+ Taskbar Numberer to open the application pinned in that number.


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