How to Temporarily Disable your Anti-malware Scanners?

Anti-malware Scanners scans your PC in a lightning fast speed and detects all the malware resided in it. There are different anti-malware scanner available in the market like Ad-ware-Ad-watch, AVG Anti-spyware, Counterspy,etc. Sometimes the scanner are disabled during malware detection programming. The disabling procedures for diferent Anti-malware scanner are illustrated below.

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Disable Anti-malware scanner from your PC within few clicks:

AD-AWARE AD-WATCH in Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition (and Pro version)

Start Ad-Aware >> Click the Ad-Watch tab >> Click the Settings button >> Click the General tab >> Processes Protection >> Registry Protection >> Network Protection >> Click Detection Layers tab >> Spyware heuristics >> AntiVirus engine >> Press OK >> Close the main Ad-Aware window >> Right click on system tray icon >> Shut down “Ad-Aware and Ad-Watch Live” >> Selecting Exit Ad-Aware >> Select OK.

AVG Anti-Spyware

Launch AVG Anti-Spyware >> Click the “Status” menu >> Select “Change state” to inactivate ‘Resident Shield’ and ‘Automatic Updates’ >> Right click on AVG Anti-Spyware in the system tray >> Uncheck “Start with Windows”.


Right-click the system tray icon >> Select Shut down BO Clean button >> Restarts on reboot or open from Program Menu.


Right-click on the running CounterSpy icon in the system tray >> Point mouse over “Active protection” >> Click menu >> Left click on “Disable Active Protection”.

Process Guard

Navigate to System tray >> Right-click the blue lock Process Guard icon >> Uncheck ‘protection enabled’ >> Click yes.


Go to System tray >> Right click the icon for Reg Defend >> select Exit.

Spybot TeaTimer

Launch Spybot S&D >> Select the Mode menu >> Select “Advanced Mode” >> Click Tools >> Click on Resident Icon >> Uncheck the “Resident “TeaTimer” (Protection of overall system settings) active.” box >> Click on the “System Startup” icon in the List >> Uncheck the “TeaTimer” box >> Enter “OK”

Spy Sweeper version 4

Open Spy Sweeper >> Click on Options >> Program Options >> Uncheck “load at windows startup” >> Left click “shields” >> Uncheck everything there >> Uncheck “home page shield”>> Uncheck “automatically restore default without notification” >> Exit the program >> Reboot for the changes to take affect.

Spy Sweeper version 5

Open Spy Sweeper >> Click Shield Settings >> Click Internet Explorer and uncheck all items >> Click Windows System and uncheck all items >> Click Hosts File and uncheck all items >> Click Startup Programs and uncheck all items >> Exit the program.

Spyware Doctor

Move to System Tray >> Click the Spyware Doctor icon >> Click Settings >> Click Startup Settings >> Uncheck “Run at Windows startup” >> Click Apply >> Exit Spyware Doctor >> Open Spyware Doctor >> Click “OnGuard” button >> Uncheck “Activate OnGuard”.

Spyware Guard

Open System tray >> Right click Spyware guard icon >> Open the program >> Select Menu, File >> Select Exit.

Trojan Hunter

Navigate to System tray >> Right click Trojan Hunter Guard icon >> Select settings >> Uncheck “Load at startup” and “Enabled”.

Windows Defender

Click Start >> Programs >> Windows Defender >> Click on Tools & Settings >> Click Options >> Select Real-time protection options >> uncheck the “Real-time protection” check box >> Click Save.
Go to Start >> Control Panel >> Security >> Windows Defender >> Administrator Options >> Uncheck “use Windows Defender” >> Select Save.

Windows OneCare

Open the Windows OneCare >> user interface >> Click View or Change Settings >> Antivirus Tab >> Click the radio button >> Turn OFF anti-virus.

Windows Live OneCare

Right click the system tray icon >> Select Open Windows Live OneCare >> Click Change Settings >> Click Viruses and Spyware Tab >> Select “Off” radio button >> Apply and OK.


Navigate to System tray >> Right-click the Winpatrol icon >> Choose Exit.

On following the above procedures you can disable the Anti-malware program. Antivirus programs can be disabled as well. Disabling of antivirus program and Anti-malware are necessary as they may interfere in between the program execution or during malware detection. Upon the completion of the malware detection and cure, you can re-enable the Anti-malware program by reversing the procedure


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